w1zard.com is running serverless! Yes! About eight months now actually. And it feels a bit Y2K blogging using text / code editors. But “why?” you may be asking yourself. Well, I have a few reasons here:

Faster performance: Now the nine monthly users have access to pre-built markup and assets over a CDN.

More secure: No server, no vulnerabilities, right? If you don’t have a database, how can it be leaked?

Better developer experience: Our team of front end developers can focus on their shinny and customized VS Code, use nano or vim instead of the clunky and dated WordPress UI. Have not changed the speed or the quality of the development though.

Scalability: If we ever decide to publish a post with pictures of Britney Spears without underwear, again, the CDN can handle the damage.

It’s free: Hosting static files is free. For real. Obviously the most important reason here, we’re not paying for hosting anymore.

Also, I needed to better understand the concept, so I started following the content from the Microsoft Learn. First I followed the tutorial to Publish a Hugo site to Azure Static Web Apps. Went like a breeze.

While doing so, I found out there’s a learning path to Collaborate with others with Markdown and GitHub Pages. Very short modules to get an Introduction to GitHub. Got my first steps to Communicate effectively on GitHub by using Markdown and how to Create and host web sites by using GitHub Pages. So much learning! Very DevOps Engineer. Such Solution Architect. Even got some badges to show off.

Now even simple tasks like putting some images together and centered in the page are a chance to learn something new!